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By admin | October 1, 2018

By the term IP address we meant a set of numbers that describe computer’s network address. or is the default router IP address which is used to follow internet protocol to communicate over the internet.

It is also known as host address. The IP address is just like an ID card’s number to create a unique identity. It is of two types:

1. Private
2. Personal is private IP address.

What is

Different IP address are used in different network devices. is one of the most widely use IP for router’s configuration setting. The string is the decimal representation of binary number set.

Where 192, 168, and each 1 has some special meaning in them.

How to login (Easy Steps)

To access your router settings via 192.168.l.l will allow you to change your internet settings and other advanced router configurations.

Note: Only access and change your router settings if you have enough knowledge about it. As it can mess up your internet connection if any step done wrong.

How to login to Router Settings using

  • First go to your web browser, and open your preferred IP Address of your router, or Click here:
  • The page should be loaded with in a few seconds, if its not loaded then its not the IP of your router you can find your router IP address here.
  • Once you get your router’s IP address. Open it just like mentioned above, and after the page loaded it will ask you the Username and Password to login.
  • By default, mostly routers uses username as “admin” and same for the password “admin“. If this doesn’t work you can find your router credentials here.
  • Once you’re logged in, you will be able to use or modify settings for your routers.

How does this router IP works?

The IP address is one of the most widely used IP for home networks. The binary version of is

It is divided into two parts. The Network part and the Host part. In this IP the part 192.168.1 is the network part and remaining 1 is the host part.

What is Subnet mask?

Subnet mask is also like an IP address, not IP address, use to differentiate between network and host portion of IP address. Whenever different devices are connected to the same network all the devices have same IP address except the last digit.

This differentiate one device from other in a single network connection. Subnet tells about the number of IP addresses that can be utilize in network. The devices having same subnet mask or connected to single router can communicate directly.

192.168.l.l Router Settings

While devices having different subnet masks need router for communication.

This means that if we need to create a partition over network then subnet masks are used. It limits the traffic burden between subsystems.

Router IP Classes

Class A:

In class A the highest bit (MSB) is always zero while the next 7 bits represents the network part. The remaining 24 bits are allocated for the host.

0*******|******** ******** ********
Class A gives the network up to 16,777,216 hosts but limits it to 126 networks of this size.

Class B:

In class B address the first two bits are set to 10. Next 14 bits represents network and rest 16 bits are reserved for host.

10****** ********| ******** ********
It gives 16,384 possible networks having 65,534 hosts.

Class C:

In class C address scheme the first three bits are set to 110 and the next 21 bits represent the network. While the final 8 bits are reserved for host.

110***** ******** ******** | ********
It gives 2,097,152 with each up to 256 hosts.

Why do we need to use this Router IP? IP Address

There were some businesses that were not connected to internet. The address they were using on their internal networks were already used elsewhere in the world.

To overcome this issue IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) came with the idea of private IP address. The classes A, B and C were defined for this purpose.

This allows organizations to use private ranges for themselves.


The main purpose and advantage of using private IP address is that its traffic would never go over the internet as a whole.

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