DNS: Domain Name Servers

By admin | November 2, 2018

In the era of landline phones, there used to be a diary or phone directory to save the important contacts of friends and family. It also contain emergency numbers as well. With the advancement in technology the use of the diary has almost finished. Now, everyone saves contact in his smart phones. If user dial “Dad” the smartphone knows what number to dial. That’s what DNS concept is:

In order to bridge the communication gap between human and computer and make communication easier, networking engineer introduced DNS server. DNS stands for Domain Name System. It resolves names to servers, to be more specific it resolves names into IPs.

DNS servers are the special design servers to translate the URL of a web host into IP so, a computer can understand the requested address. DNS works on a database of IP addresses and the host name associated with them.

Internet is a network of networks. That connects every gadget device to other using IP address. IP address is a logical combination of numbers that allows communication between the devices. It follow set of defined rules to communicate known as protocols.

When a person type www.google.com in its web browser the computer has no idea what does it mean? Here DNS server plays its role. DNS server translate the address into its associated IP to establish a connection. It is impossible to establish a connection without an IP address.

For a human it is easy to remember the name of a person that its number. Therefore for the user’s convenient domain and webhost have allotted the name which are easy to remember.

Many Internet Service provider provide their own DNS server to build a reliable connection. The only problem is that it has limited number of IPs. It only kept the record of the websites you frequently visit. If a user request a website for the first time than in that case it may require refreshing of page three to four time.

Actually this is the time taken by the ISP provided DNS server to update itself and look for the IP of a requested web host.

To overcome it Google provides its own DNS server. It does not require any ISP provided or local DNS. Google’s database is more powerful and strong, it keep its DNS updated. The IP for Google DNS servers are: or

The actual work of domain is to resolve all domain name in to their relevant IPs. Because the whole internet works on IPs. There may occur two issues while browsing. If the IP of any website get changed due to any reason. In that case when you request a site it will show “Page not found” error.

Updating IP may take 24 to 48 hours to update DNS severs across the internet world? The second issue can be a malware. A malware can change the associated IP of any web domain in your browsers data. To overcome this issue uninstall the malware and clear cache of your memory.

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