Default IP Address Classes

For two or more computers to be able to communicate to a network it is necessary for them to identify each other uniquely. Now this is where IP address comes in. When a computer is connected to a network is automatically assigned an IP address. This IP address allows computer to send their data packets… Read More »

Default Routers Usernames and Passwords

If you don’t know what is the username and password for your routers admin panel, you can easily find here. This page will contain all the information about router’s default user and password. If you don’t know which brand router you’re using, you can check list of routers default IP Address. Default username and password… Read More »

Default IP Address List of Different Routers

You can find your routers IP Address from the below list. Once you find your router’s IP address from the list, open it in your Web Browser then you will need to provide Username and Password to enter your router configuration and settings page. Brand/Router Name Login IP Address 2Wire 3Com… Read More » Router Login

By the term IP address we meant a set of numbers that describe computer’s network address. or is the default router IP address which is used to follow internet protocol to communicate over the internet. It is also known as host address. The IP address is just like an ID card’s number to… Read More »